General Terms and Conditions of Sale

Please read the following general terms and conditions of sale carefully. These terms and conditions may be partially or fully modified at any time by DESTINATION LAGON.

  1. Company Name

The company’s name is: SARL NOTIK, trading under the commercial name: DESTINATION LAGON. The registered office is located at Villa TONOI. PO Box: 1343 UTUROA, RAIATEA, French Polynesia. TAHITI N°: C87430 Website: Email:

  1. Acceptance of “Destination Lagon” Terms and Conditions of Sale

These terms and conditions apply to all sales transactions concluded by DESTINATION LAGON with travelers or travel intermediaries. Depending on the type of activities booked with DESTINATION LAGON (day tours of Tahaa or Raiatea, fishing trips, etc.), specific conditions may apply. The traveler or travel intermediary acknowledges having read and accepted these terms and conditions of sale as well as all terms of the proposal before placing an order. Placing an order signifies full acceptance of DESTINATION LAGON’s general and specific terms and conditions of sale.

  1. Price / Payment

3-1) Service Rates and Validity

The rates presented by DESTINATION LAGON are indicated inclusive of all taxes, based on a 5% VAT, in the currency of French Polynesia (XPF, CFP), Euros (€), and US Dollars (US$). Our excursion rates include:

  • The necessary equipment specific to the chosen activity
  • Guidance by a professional guide
  • All other services marked as “Offered” or “Free” included in the chosen activity Our excursion rates do not include:
  • Personal expenses
  • Land transfers for accommodations located far from the departure point (additional transfer fee / contact us) Destination Lagon is not responsible for the information and rates listed on partner or third-party sites.

3-2) Land Transfer

Subject to availability, DESTINATION LAGON offers clients who have booked a service, a transportation service from their hotel, guesthouse, or chosen accommodation on RAIATEA to the activity departure point. This charged service also includes the return trip.

To use this service, the client must request it by specifying the name of the hotel or accommodation when booking. Meeting times and locations will be communicated to participants when they book. Any delay or absence of the participant at the indicated location and time will not result in a refund if the participant is unable to take part in the activity.

Participants can also choose to arrive at the activity departure point by their own means. They must arrive 15 minutes before the activity starts.

3-3) Payment Currency: XPF

Payment can be made online, by bank transfer in XPF, or on the day of the activity in cash in XPF, Euros, or US Dollars at the current exchange rate. Only local checks are accepted. Payments by credit card or American Express are not accepted on-site.

3-4) Displaying Rates on the DESTINATION LAGON Website and Guarantee of Displayed Rates

All prices are displayed in the local currency. Our prices include all local taxes. DESTINATION LAGON reserves the right to change the prices displayed on its website or any other communication means at any time and without notice. The price displayed on our website is guaranteed at the time of booking.

3-5) Booking Procedures

Participation in activities and other services offered by DESTINATION LAGON requires a reservation, subject to availability, and at least 24 hours in advance:

  • On our website under the “ACTIVITIES” page (simple instructions are available on the page to guide the customer through the booking process and online payment)
  • By phone: (+689) 87212367 or 87298906
  • By email:

By booking a service with DESTINATION LAGON, the participant acknowledges having been informed, having read, and accepting the present terms and conditions of sale and fulfilling the obligations and prerequisites. Any reservation will be considered only upon receipt of all required personal information. Full or partial payment for the excursion may be required at the time of booking. For group bookings, the subscriber agrees to inform and obtain approval of the present terms and conditions of sale and all documentation and information communicated by Destination Lagon from all participants. Any “false” reservation or “false” order made intentionally is subject to prosecution.

  1. Cancellation and Modification Terms at the Client’s Initiative

4-1) Changes, Modifications of a Booking at the Client’s Initiative

Any modification of a booking at the client’s initiative before departure requires approval by Destination Lagon. The client can change the desired activity date but must notify DESTINATION LAGON at least 24 hours before the scheduled date. Any modification of booking or order will be possible if it is made no later than 24 hours before the activity date in agreement with DESTINATION LAGON. No modification will be possible less than 24 hours before the service.

To modify a reservation, the participant must contact DESTINATION LAGON either:

4-2) Cancellations at the Client’s Initiative

Cancellation fees are due if the activity reservation is canceled on the same day of the reserved activity. Any booked service not undertaken by the client on the predefined date will not be refunded, except for meteorological reasons preventing boats from navigating the lagoon, at the professional’s discretion.

  1. Modification Terms at Destination Lagon’s Initiative

Change or cancellation fees by DESTINATION LAGON:

If DESTINATION LAGON cannot provide the booked activity, it must offer replacement services of equivalent value. If DESTINATION LAGON cannot offer replacement services on another day, it will refund the client the amount paid in advance.

The service provider may be forced to modify an essential element or the entire activity due to circumstances beyond its control, for climatic reasons, participant safety, or public interest. These modifications are at the sole discretion of the professional overseeing the activity. In case of unavailability of the chosen service, for reasons such as insufficient participants or other reasons mentioned above, DESTINATION LAGON will contact the booking or ordering subscriber as soon as possible to offer rescheduling the service to a new date.

DESTINATION LAGON and the supervising personnel cannot be held liable.

  1. Supervision and Safety

All supervisory personnel of DESTINATION LAGON are qualified and trained in welcoming, safety, and supervising clients during the activities offered. The moral, physical, and sporting abilities of participants are at the discretion of the supervising personnel, who will be the sole judge of participants’ ability to participate in the chosen activity. The professional will inform participants about the use of equipment, safety rules, and the navigation area where the activity will take place. As the activities depend, among other factors, on weather conditions and the level of each participant, the supervising personnel reserves the right to modify the activity program without notice and at any time.

  1. Participant Obligations

During all our activities, the participant acknowledges having been trained by the supervising professional on the use of equipment and agrees to follow the safety instructions provided by DESTINATION LAGON and the supervising professional. The participant agrees to remain within the supervising professional’s line of sight throughout the activity, follow priority rules, marking, and current maritime regulations.

Failure to follow the professional’s instructions results in the participant’s full responsibility and may lead to the total cessation of the activity without any refund. The supervising professional reserves the right to exclude any participant whose behavior could endanger or harm the safety of others and the proper conduct of the activity without any refund. DESTINATION LAGON’s liability cannot be engaged.

The participant agrees to irrevocably waive all recourse against DESTINATION LAGON or its supervising professionals for any reason. This waiver will apply to legal successors and the participant’s insurance company. The participant declares having read the minimum physical fitness requirements:

  • The participant declares not having any medical contraindications for the chosen activity and not being under treatment with side effects or contraindications for the activity.
  • No fear of water (no aquaphobia)
  • Satisfactory visual acuity; corrective lenses or contact lenses are admitted at the participant’s responsibility.
  • Satisfactory neuropsychiatric and vascular state.

Upper limbs: the function of grasping and articulation of the upper limbs necessary for the practice must be satisfactory. Lower limbs: integrity of both limbs with satisfactory articulation function.

  • Activities are not recommended for participants suffering from back pain or problems. Required age:
  • The minimum and maximum required age may vary depending on the chosen activity. Destination Lagon may request participants’ ID or a document proving the participant’s age before departure.
  • Any minor must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. For groups of minors, parental authorization must be presented by the group’s supervising personnel. Failure to meet prerequisites and obligations may result in the participant being excluded from the activity without refund.
  1. Insurance

Professional Liability Insurance is included in the price of the services.

For more information on coverage, the client should inquire with DESTINATION LAGON. However, it is recommended that participants have their own liability insurance. Polynesian insurance companies do not cover animal bites or stings, and DESTINATION LAGON’s liability cannot be engaged in such cases.

  1. Customer Service

Our customer service is available at the following contact details: Phone: +689 87 29 89 06 Email: Postal address: DESTINATION LAGON – KEVIN LABADENS BP 343 98735 UTUROA – RAIATEA French Polynesia

  1. Intellectual Property

All images, videos, logos, brands, drawings, and models on the website and published print materials are the property of DESTINATION LAGON. Any partial or total reproduction, regardless